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Under Armour Football Visor - American Flag Hologram Under Armour

Sku: 9911_FLAG
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Color: American Flag
Sale: $70.00
  • Smoke tinted with hologram of American Flag.
  • Lightweight APVX is 10% lighter than Polycarbonate.
  • Impact Resistance Exceeds Performance of Polycarbonate.
  • Resists Stress Cracks Unlike Polycarbonate, APVK visors are made by casting, which ensures low internal stress, making it not sensitive to stress cracking.
  • Superior Optical Properties APVX has higher definition and enhanced clarity.
  • The Under Armour APVX visor features scratch resistant and anti-fog coatings superior in quality and performance than those on PC visors.
  • UA Visors Exceed the ANSI Standards.
  • Important Note: Shields are not returnable if used/mounted to a helmet.
  • Please check with your coach or league to determine if shield use is permitted prior to purchase.
  • Tested and compatible with the following helmets: Schutt - all cages, Adams - all cages, Riddell VSR-4 - all cages Riddell Revolution - all cages except Revo Short Open, Revo Long Open, G-2B and G-2BDC.
  • Made to fit adult helmets only.