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All-Star CP30PRO System 7 Chest Protector All Star

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Color: Dark Green Grey
  • Size: 16 1/2 inches All-Star.
  • Professional Chest Protector Reduced Weight and Increased Ventilation The System 7 chest protector is jam-packed with high end features.
  • Weight has been reduced by reworking the padding system with multi-level foam construction Numerous thin layers of foam were handpicked and layered for specific qualities, such as breathability, flexibility, and dampening.
  • Strategically placed lightweight plastic plates around the collar bone, throat, and sternum areas so that the chest protector will take the brunt of the impact, not you.
  • The U-Bars The side U-Bars help conform the chest protector to a player's body and also help present a solid target which pitchers love.
  • Some catchers have even been known to use the "U-Bars" for their signaling. On the outside is increased wrap around siding.
  • Compared to past models, these wrap around sides have been made thinner… because if you get hit there you are doing something wrong Between the Bars.
  • The true beauty lies between the bars. Six pads have been wedged and as a result, balls blocked drastically kick downward.
  • This feature transforms the chest protector into a vital tool used to make uncontrollable balls a thing of the past.
  • Ball rebound has been reduced by half.
  • The ball will literally drop down right before you.
  • No need to chase it Delta Flex.
  • If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  • Our Delta Flex harness technology has been a huge hit.
  • The harness is constructed with wider straps which won't dig in and also features a neoprene triangle which keeps the chest protector right where it’s supposed to be.
  • Strap lengths are 100% adjustable from 4 points, allowing the fit to be completely customized.

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