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Battle Sports Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard Battle Sports

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Battle Sports Oxygen mouthguard technology has quickly become one of the most prolific in the collegiate sports. The National Collegiate Athletic Association has granted Battle Sports Science the exclusive license to brand the Battle Mouthguards with the logos of the NCAA. Now, players at every level can show their support for their favorite team with one of the safest mouthguards on the market.  NCAA Oxygen Lip Protectors come with a $5,000 dental warranty.

184% better airflow vs. the competitors mouthguard - The Oxygen’s patented design leverages SCUBA breathing innovations and high quality materials to provide a nearly 300% larger breathing hole.

  • Works with braces.
  • Does Not Require boiling.
  • More Oxygen Available to the Muscles.
  • Body Recovers Faster.
  • Increased Performance.
  • More Oxygen Available to the Brain.
  • Clearer Thought.
  • Better Decision Making.
  • $5000 dental warranty.