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Wilson TDJ Ball Wilson

  • Top quality leather cover
  • Tanned-in tack is the built in tackiness that keeps the ball gripable after extended use
  • Patented 3-ply VPU bladder made in USA to provide the best durability and air retention in the market
  • 3 layers of lining are hand stitched to the football panels to allow the ball to maintain its shape
  • Smaller version of the NFL Pro Pattern
  • Double-lacing reinforces and raises the laces for enhanced grip when passing
  • Pee Wee size and weight
  • Endorsed by Pop Warner and used by Pee Wee leagues across the country
  • Pee Wee sized for 9-13 year olds
  • The smaller pattern fits smaller hands and allows younger players the opportunity to perfect ball handling and passing skills
  • No other manufacturer has been able to match the Wilson tanned-in tack process
  • This football carries the Wilson Authentic Game Equipment logo