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All Star FM25LMX Adult Face Mask All Star

Sku: FM25LMX
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Color: Black
  • You can't ever go wrong with a FM25 traditional facemask.  Designed with a lightweight and sturdy hollow steel cage, this mask provides great vision and coverage.
  • The steel wire used to make this mask is hollow. Not only does it reduce the weight but at the same time increases the cage's strength.  This cage also features our I-BAR VISION™ construction, where the horizontal bars around the eyes are flat for increased vision.
  • LMX pads are built with a colored vinyl exterior with leather interior.
  • The included DeltaFlex™ harness is designed to hold the mask securely in place.  The material on the inside of the harness which touches the skull cap is sticky so that it prevents the mask from rotating and shifting.
  • WEIGHT: 21oz.
  • Cleaning: Machine wash padding and harness in cold water.  Air dry.