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Sam Bat MMO Maple Wood Bat Sam Bat

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The SAM BAT MMO is a classic model, loved by the pros.  It is a regular barrel bat that feels like a big barrel.  This feeling is achieved by a well-defined taper from barrel to handle.  The strong 15/16” handle culminates in a classic rounded knob.  All SAM BATs are crafted from professional grade hard rock maple for outstanding strength, longevity and performance.

  • Handle Size: 15/16".
  • Barrel Size: Approximately 2 1/2".
  • Based on the M110 profile.
  • End-cupped and have a weight drop of approximately -2 to -3.
  • Use the same quality bat used by many professional players.
  • Some folks will lead you to believe that wood is wood, and that the brand does not matter.
  • Others will tell you that the bigger the brand, the better the wood, because of their sheer mass of raw materials, and the ability to hand select the finest timber.
  • All Sam Bat timber is of the highest grade Hard Maple available in North America.
  • Every bat to come out of the mill is made from the top 5% of Hard Maple Prime Grade Timber
  • That makes a Sam Bat good, but what happens next makes it great.
  • Conventional lathes put a tremendous amount of stress on timber as the wood is being turned, this fatigue weakens the stick before it even sees the ballpark.
  • Sam Bat timber is turned into a baseball bat on a proprietary lathe, custom built for and designed by Sam Holman, the founder of Sam Bat.
  • This exclusive technology puts absolutely no stress on the timber during the production process.
  • In just a few years, hundreds of professional players have made the switch to Sam Bat Hard Maple.