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All-Star MVP2500 System 7 Catcher's Head Gear All Star

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Color: Red
  • Collegiate and High School Head Gear.
  • Fits head sizes 7 - 7 1/2.
  • Weight: 45.2 oz.
  • Solid molded color.
  • Strong ABS resin shell.
  • I-Bar vision steel cage.
  • UltraCool Mesh liner.
  • Advanced shell design.
  • Redesigned Cage - It’s simple, when you get hit in the head you don’t want the force to actually travel into your head. Because of this, we designed our new cage to deflect direct impacts away from a catcher’s head. With a strong center bar on the cage and its wedge shaped design, balls which target your mask will deflect off upon impact.The mounting of the cage has also changed with our goal of lessening the force to the head. Without using any moving parts, which are prone to malfunction, we have mounted the cage in a way which leaves a gap between itself and the shell of the mask. The gap between the cage and shell limits the direct force which can be sent into the head.
  • Advanced Shell Design - One of the most obvious new features is the shell. 21 vent ports are scattered throughout the shell and are all submerged so no foul tips will make direct contact. All the ridges in the shell increase the strength and durability of the mask while at the same time make it look pretty stylish. The shell is a tad longer than our traditional MVP masks which allows for a more stable platform for it to rest, while at the same time it increases coverage for protection.
  • The Back Plate - Are you sick of your snaps popping off? Our back plate features three 'bridges' which force the snaps to stay hooked up no matter how hard you play. The straps also flow over the edges of the back plate, rather than through it, to keep the straps from snagging your ears when the mask is pulled on and off.
  • The Liner - Removable liner. The liner can be machine washed with a mild detergent and we recommend that you let it air dry. Since all the pads can be easily taken out you can also wash the inside and outside of the shell. These features will keep your mask feeling brand new over multiple seasons.


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