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Nike Clear Gridiron Youth Football Eye Shield Nike

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  • They will zero in on the ball and hit with precision in the Nike Football Kids' Vision Shield, a crystal clear, protective design so they can focus on the game like never before.
  • A football player's eyes scan the battlefield continuously searching for an open path to the end-zone, ball-carrier or next blocking assignment.
  • The Nike Football Eye Shield with high-performance, reduced-distortion optics protects the eyes, and makes sure they always get an accurate read on every down, at every distance, from any angle.
  • Nike Max Optics - Wrapped lens accounts precisely for helmet curvature to reduce distortion and ensure clear, accurate vision in every direction.
  • Beveled Bottom Edge - Designed to eliminate blind spots, reduce distortion and cut glare.
  • Exclusive Curved Shape - Fits helmets better with less bending.
  • Molded Polycarbonate - Shatter and scratch resistant for durable performance.
  • Important Note: Shields are not returnable if used/mounted to a helmet.
  • Please check with your coach or league to determine if shield use is permitted prior to purchase.
  • Tested and compatible with the following helmets:
    Schutt - all DNA and Advantage cages, Adams - all cages, Riddell VSR-4 - all cages
  • Made to fit youth helmets only