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Sam Bat R2K1 Maple Wood Bat Sam Bat

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The famous bat used by Barry Bonds to hit 762 career home runs and an incredible 73 homeruns in one season.  The distinctive flared knob is the result of Sam creating a knob specifically for Barry.  It is designed to feel like a baseball in your hand. The R2K1 is a superbly well balanced bat with a big barrel.   All SAM BATs are crafted from professional grade hard rock maple for outstanding strength, longevity and performance.

  • Handle Size: 15/16".
  • Barrel Size: Approximately 2 1/2".
  • End-cupped and have a weight drop of approximately -2 to -3.
  • Sam Bats most popular model, the bat that Barry Bonds used to break the world record for home runs.
  • Use the same quality bat used by many professional players.
  • Some folks will lead you to believe that wood is wood, and that the brand does not matter.
  • Others will tell you that the bigger the brand, the better the wood, because of their sheer mass of raw materials, and the ability to hand select the finest timber.
  • All Sam Bat timber is of the highest grade Hard Maple available in North America.
  • Every bat to come out of the mill is made from the top 5% of Hard Maple Prime Grade Timber
  • That makes a Sam Bat good, but what happens next makes it great.
  • Conventional lathes put a tremendous amount of stress on timber as the wood is being turned, this fatigue weakens the stick before it even sees the ballpark.
  • Sam Bat timber is turned into a baseball bat on a proprietary lathe, custom built for and designed by Sam Holman, the founder of Sam Bat.
  • This exclusive technology puts absolutely no stress on the timber during the production process.
  • In just a few years, hundreds of professional players have made the switch to Sam Bat Hard Maple.