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Rawlings Excellence Joe Mauer Big Stick Birch Wood Baseball Bat Rawlings

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This Excellence Joe Mauer model features a high-clarity, Pro Grade Birch wood with a Big Stick (Large Profile) barrel. The new Excellence bat line from Rawlings has been flawlessly crafted to enable premiere athletes to outperform their own expectations at the plate. Radiating a leek professional look with elements of both flash and style that the most advanced hitters crave, the Excellence's superior construction and technology exudes confidence with each crack of the bat. Formed at optimal swing weights and designed with acoustic measures to maximize strength and powerhouse offense, this new bat series will empower each athlete to achieve excellence with every swing.

  • Large barrel size (Classified as larger than 2.5").
  • Wood from the log is split along the grain versus cut against preventing frayed edges while adding durability.
  • Pro ink dot tested for grain straightness.
  • High-Clarity Pro Grade Birch.
  • Acoustic tested - equipped with top tier grade wood, qualifying billets undergo measured sound wave testing.
  • 19/20" handle.
  • Vacuum Kiln - endure a proven drying process designed to remove moisture.
  • 15 Day Warranty.
  • Uneven spots or blemishes on the wood are rubbed away with bone resulting in a compressed harder-hitting surface.