Da Bulls

Want to enjoy NBA basketball – watch the Chicago Bulls. They lose their best player, Derrick Rose, trade another top player, Luol Deng and are still playing top notch hoops. Let’s start with Joachim Noah. He came up as a thin, agile, athletic rebounder and defender. His arms have transformed from twigs to pythons, although I can outshoot him from beyond the foul line he has developed a vast array of offensive moves utilizing both hands. He has become a great passer, witness his recent triple double, and he plays with such intensity and ferocity it is unbelievable.
Add to Noah their recent addition of DJ Augustin. From the scrap heap in Toronto, he has been their leading scorer since joining the team. He was a great college hoopster at Texas, it just shows that even at the highest levels in sports, some new coaching, a change in atmosphere and a dose of confidence can restore a player’s magic. Add in the tireless Taj Gibson, the rejuvenated Carlos Boozer, the rough and ready Jimmy Butler and you have the most enjoyable team to watch in the NBA. Let’s not forget the glue to this great machine, Tom Thibodeau. What a coach – bright, resourceful, animated, this workaholic is the best coach in the NBA.
I’ve been an NBA fan for a very long time, dating back to the glory days of the New York Knicks and my all time favorite player, Bill Bradley. I have rarely enjoyed watching a team play like these Bulls, they are a credit to the NBA and the world of professional sports.

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