FAQ: What Types of Youth Football Helmet Visors Are Available?

types of youth football helmetWhile 65% of kids say they play sports to spend time with friends, fully 87% of their parents say they’re worried about injuries. With 36 million American kids involved in youth sports, that means there are a lot of anxious parents out there, and few sports are more anxiety-inducing than football.

While some families have a long tradition of football, many parents are new to the sport, which makes it a challenge determining what youth football gear is needed. And unlike most other common youth sports, football involves many types of youth football gear. Even relatively simple items, like choosing the right types of youth football helmet visors, can be a real challenge.

So how can you be sure that you’re buying the right kind of visor for your son or team’s helmets? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about helmet visors for youth football.

What types of youth football helmet visors are available?

The most popular brands of football visors are made by brands like Nike, Under Armour, Oakley, and similar sporting brands. Visors come in a variety of coloring options, including clear, grey, reflective mirror visors, tinted visors, and colored visors.

Note: before purchasing a helmet visor, double check to ensure that it will fit on a youth-sized helmet!

So what kind of helmet visor is best? Are colored or tinted visors even allowed?

Let’s take the second question first. Most sports leagues do not allow colored, reflective, or tinted visors of any kind. According to the National Federation of State High School Associations’ high school football rules, all eyeshields and visors must be made of a clear material. No exceptions. The NCAA and NFL have similar rules, as do many youth leagues.

All of the brands mentioned above make quality eye shields and visors, and the “best” really comes down to personal preference.

Note: before purchasing a visor, always check with your coach or league to see if eye shield use will be permitted.

What if I need a football visor with UV protection?

Many clear visors still offer advanced UV protection. Check the product description before purchase to see if the visor you’ve chosen blocks UVA, UVC, and other forms of light.

Is it possible to get football visors with a vision prescription for players who are nearsighted, farsighted, or have other vision problems?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to create prescription football visors. Football visors are made of a single piece of curved material attached to the helmet, which is also how football helmet visors prevent injury. However, because of the curve and the distance from the eye, it’s not possible to make corrective visors. Players with eyesight problems will need to wear either prescription sports goggles or contact lenses.

Want to learn more about the various types of youth football helmet visors and eye shields available today? Click here to see more.

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