Father’s Day and Sports

Father’s Day and sports are inextricably linked. As the day approaches and we look forward to seeing the family, we pray for great weather and plan out the activities.

I have very fond memories of this Day. As a child, assuming our favorite team, the Yankees, were playing at home, we’d pack up a great lunch and go to the stadium. At this point in time, I don’t remember the games or the results, but I do remember enjoying every moment with my brother and dad as we watched the games. I do recall that if the score wasn’t close, we’d leave early and beat the traffic and get home in time for a Father’s Day feast, hot dogs, burgers and steaks on the grill, delicious salads and other side dishes, and, of course, wonderful desserts.

If the Yanks were on the road, it would be a full day of sports. Basketball in the driveway, throwing around the baseball with Dad in the yard, as I grew older and became a runner we’d share a run on the local streets or in bad weather a lift at the local Y. Again a wonderful feast would ensue, although sometimes we’d bring it indoors if the weather was uncooperative. Of course, back before i-phones and netflix and streaming and all the modern day gadgets, we’d have the US Open on tv, a black and white tv early on, and watch Jack and Arnie, maybe Player or Trevino, battle it out.

I’ve been a father for many years and have tried to replicate the Day. Not as easy in our modern day world, the participation in sports has transitioned from the yard or the streets to organized events in all sports. Still do my best to sneak in a run or a catch with my now grown up kids, and always enjoy a wonderful meal. I’m extremely lucky to have my dad alive and viable, so we still top off the Day watching a ballgame or golf. All in all, it’s a wonderful, important day that I will always cherish. Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!

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