Finding The Right Football Helmet

Football Helmets

Football players load up on protective gear because this is a very physical game. It’s a good thing the uniforms incorporate numbers and team colors, because by the time he’s suited up, a player is virtually unrecognizable. Football helmets are the most important piece of protective equipment. Sports Depot carries a full line of known-brand helmets. In addition to the helmets, they offer a wide selection of face guards, eye shields, and an ingenious impact-absorbing skull cap to wear underneath the helmet.

Football helmets are designed and engineered to assist the player with visibility and protection. They are designed to look impenetrable and aggressive.


At the top of the line is the Schutt Vengeance VTD helmet.



 Schutt Vengeance VTD

The Schutt Vengeance VTD is the top rated helmet in the country according to the Virginia Tech rating system. The helmet has bold lines and uses the newest generation of Single layer Dual Compression TPU that reduces the weight of the helmet while delivering impact protection. The SUREFIT AIR Liner gives increased surface coverage containing comfort foam that makes the helmet fit better and has extra padding in the front cushion for additional protection.

Schutt uses a patented Flexural Resistance Back Shelf Design to increase strength and impact absorption at the back of the helmet.
Another highly rated Schutt helmet, warm primarily by skill position players is the Schutt  AIR XP VTD. This helmet uses the TPU Cushioning system for impact absorption, heat management, and hygiene. The helmet has a SUREFIT Ventilated Air Liner to give air flow and a lightweight helmet. The Schutt AIR XP VTD helmet also has AIR Maxx TPU jaw pads.

Completing the Kit

None of these helmets come with face guards or eye shields. Sports Depot has an extensive line of face guards with different features. Most are made of carbon steel and are designed to protect the face and resist face grabbing by the opponent. The high end face guard is made of titanium and is extremely durable and light.

Each has specs attached and identifies the helmets that they will attach to (there is a fee for attaching the faceguards). Eye shields help keep out the field debris that is kicked up and makes it even more difficult for an opponent to do a face-grab. Although these are great protective shields, visibility is a factor for the player. Eye shields range in price and most are made of polycarbonate. The high end shield uses APVX and offers cracking resistance, high definition, and clarity. Check your helmet against the specs to be sure of a fit.

Another item to add to your helmet gear is the Noggin skull cap. It is made specifically to reduce the effect of impact on the head. It has been tested to reduce impact by 85% when worn under a certified safety helmet. The crown of the cap is ringed with gel pads that have two primary functions. They absorb impact and help grip the helmet in place for a better fit that keeps it from moving. An added benefit is that the poly-spandex fabric wicks away sweat and helps keep the head cool. It has been successfully tested by CSA, HECC, and NOCSAE.


Sports Depot sells helmets and accessories that meet the standards of the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE)  . The mission of NOCSAE is to commission research in sports medicine and science and establish standards for athletic equipment. Sports Depot notes the NOCSAE designation with the brand names in their catalog of equipment. This gives their customers the confidence that they are doing their utmost to make football safer.

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