How Some NFL Teams Engage Fans on Pinterest

Pinterest (1)Football is undoubtedly the most beloved sport in America.  Fans relate to the success or failure of their team as if it were their own.  In the last decade or so, social media has bridged much of the gap between players and their fans by allowing them to engage through Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest.  So how have some teams chosen to engage fans on a social media platform devoted to photos? 

Let’s take a look:

Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks amuse fans in the Pacific Northwest and around the US with their on-field performances and post game interviews.  Whether it’s a beastquake inducing run from Marshawn Lynch or the often unfiltered Richard Sherman making a play and then letting the media know about it, the team’s fans have had plenty of moments to celebrate in the last few years (and a few to lament).

Their Pinterest account exhibits 35 boards and 98.8k followers.  The Seahawks present various stories related to the players and the team as well as memorable shots from preseason, regular season and postseason games as well as practices and mini camps.  But like any good official team social media account should, they also focus on their fans.  Adults and children showing their Seahawk pride are on full display.
Even celebrities like Natalie Grant exhibit passion for the Seahawks via family photos wearing Seahawks’ gear.  Naturally, the account is also used to promote not only official team events but charity events Seahawks players participate in and support.

New England Patriots

The Pat’s page has 21.9k followers and is a little more geared toward merchandising than other accounts, although photos with some fairly amusing comments for fans and non-fans alike can be found throughout the account.

As one would expect, Tom Brady has the strongest presence among active players and their official page shows a variety of his photos taken in the field, outside the field, and on various occasions.   It’s well set up and easy to navigate…so much so that it almost felt like cheating.

Green Bay Packers

The Pack has 3.87k followers on Pinterest.  Besides player and game photos, the majority of the pins are for Green Bay Packers’ jerseys as well as the team logo displayed on any number of household items, jewelry, shoes, etc.  Some of the items are custom, one-off productions likely commissioned by the team and others (I would guess) have to be fan submitted.

Pack fans are well known for showing their team pride and have come up with some interesting, kitschy ways to display it.  All in all, the Pack have a really fun Pinterest account to check out that may even take a little of the sting from last year’s NFC Championship game loss away.

Denver Broncos

The Broncos have 13.6k followers on Pinterest so far, having 30 boards and 4.1k pins.  As with other NFL team accounts, this one shares all the latest news about the team and captures memorable game moments from the most recent preseason games.

Game day essentials show everything from Broncos wear to banners, cupcake wrappers, napkins, beer bucket, mugs, bean bags, disposable spoons, saucers, tumblers and more, but the site is much more geared toward the team and fans than merchandising.   And yes, the Broncos cheerleaders are prominently displayed.  A nice page for a nice team that needs to get over the hump and give their fans something to really celebrate about.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers managed to attract 13.3k followers on Pinterest, which is surprising for a team with the most modern era Super Bowl victories in NFL history. They have 26 boards and 667 pins.  The account shares latest news, players’ photos, training camp videos etc as one would expect.  Not surprisingly, their board also exhibits classic Steeler game moments as well as  Conference championship and Super Bowl trophies.

With a pro football history as long and storied as  Pittsburgh has, it would be a crime to leave that out.  As for fan submissions pinned by the organization, it’s easy to see the intensity of the Steeler’s fanbase and they offer plenty to enjoy beyond the terrible towels.  From tats to treats, there’s a lot of black and yellow steel-town pride on display, including a particularly interesting photo of the Steeler’s logo painted on the side of a barn!

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