Loss of a Family Member

My father-in-law passed away this week. As we sat in the hospital his last couple of days, a million thoughts passed through my mind. My most prominent thoughts were of how nice a man he was, the good times we enjoyed playing golf and watching ball games together, eating his delicious barbecue. I’ll never forget the emotional look on his face at his surprise 75th birthday party, unusual for someone as stoic and reserved as he was.
Another persistent thought that I just couldn’t shake was how I am now exactly the same age he was when we first met. How quickly 32 years have passed, unbelievable that my kids are not much younger than his daughter (my wife) was when we met. The first thing we did was play golf together, when asked about my play his lone spot on comment was that I sure cursed a great deal on the course.
So the question is why does the subject of this blog belong on a sporting goods website? Because we were linked by our enjoyable times on the golf course, not matter how poorly I played, as well as by the many games we watched together. Unfortunately for him he was a Met fan, but the upside was that as a retiree in Virginia he got to enjoy his Mets’ Norfolk minor leaguers.
Regrettably, over the last few years we visited infrequently as business and local activities, which again revolved around sports as my kids were year round athletes, limited our visits. I am very sad about his passing but will keep warm memories in my heart. He will be missed.

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