In the NBA Lebron is Running the Cavalier Asylum

In the 2014-15 season David Blatt coached the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 53-29 record, despite not having Kyrie Irving, their star point guard, for much of the season. He then led lebronblatthem to the playoff finals, despite having a limited Irving and losing Kevin Love, their star power forward and even had them leading the series 2-1. Ultimately the much stronger Warriors overtook the Cavaliers and won the series 4-2, but the Cavaliers, despite being clearly undermanned, battled all the way.

During the offseason there was tons of speculation regarding Love’s return to the team and ultimately he signed up to play the third slot in the so called “triumvirate” of stars needed, a’ la’ the Miami Heat, to win the NBA championship. There was much discussion regarding Love’s and Lebron James’ relationship, somehow they came to a meeting of the minds and continued their playing relationship. What was more interesting regarding the Cavalier offseason was what next took place. Continue reading

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MLB Starting Pitcher Free Agent Signings

This past season the Kansas City Royals and the New York Mets played in the World Series. Here are the starting pitchers’ salaries for each team.











Kansas City Royals
Edinson Volquez – 7.5m
Chris Young – 675k with up to 5.35m in bonuses
Yordano Ventura – 750k
Jeremy Guthrie – 9m
Danny Duffy – 2.4m
Johnny Cueto – prorated 2 month rental – 3.5m.
Total – (estimating Young’s bonuses) 25-26m.

New York Mets
Matt Harvey – 614k
Jacob deGrom – 557k
Steven Matz – prorated 275k
Noah Syndergaard – prorated 410k
Barolo Colon – 9m
Total – 11m Continue reading

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Dr. Julian Bailes Sees Little Risk of CTE From Youth Football

Dr. Julian Bailes is the Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery and Co-Director of the NorthShore Neurological Institute. Although he is a mentor and colleague of Dr. Bennet Omalu,  featured in the upcoming movie “Concussion”, yesterday he disagreed with Omalu regarding the risks of contact sports for children. In a Monday New York Times article, Dr.Omalu wrote that “children should be barred from football, hockey, boxing, mixed martial arts and other contact sports.” My first thought was had that been the case years ago, my childhood would not have been half as enjoyable as it was as a result of participating in these sports.Dr. Julian Bailes Sees Little Risk of CTE From Youth Football

Dr Bailes said that he is “a big believer in the benefits of organized sports and the benefits of football.” He has two children who play football and said “he believes that football is safer than it’s ever been.” He feels that the CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy) that is being found in the brains of deceased pro football players comes from the thousands of violent hits endured over many years of top level football participation. In no way, in his opinion, does a few seasons of Pop Warner football lead to this disease. Continue reading

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A Crappy Football Season

This is the first time in my considerable number of years of watching football that I rooted for the Dallas Cowboys. Why? Because my beloved Giants are now back in a tie for first place with a wonderful 5-7 won/lost record. This record has resulted from them blowing game after game in which they had a double digit lead in the fourth quarter. The reasons for their repeated failures are many. To begin with, they have very little depth on the defensive side of the ball, so by the fourth quarter they are gassed and cannot put up any resistance against their opponent’s offensive drives. Secondly, they have virtually no running game, an essential element in running the clock down as the game progresses in the late stages of the fourth quarter. Lastly, they have suffered from some very questionable play calling on both sides of the ball.

After yesterday, people were hollering that Coughlin should have kicked a field goal to put the Giants up by thirteen, instead of going for the knockout punch. I disagree, deep down Coughlin knew his team could not hold down the Jets and he just figured if thtom-coughlin-jets1ey could get up by seventeen the clock would end up winning the game for them. The problem lies with the play calling and execution that ensued, as it has all season long. Fourth and two, how about a draw play, a screen pass, an option pass, even a fake field goal with a toss into the end zone. The Giants have virtually no trick plays up their sleeve, nothing they can pull out of their hats when a big play is needed. Instead we watch Eli drop back, or should I say lumber back and get pressured into another bad pass. This is on Coughlin and McAdoo, the offensive coordinator. Then, as the offense fails again, we watch Spagnuolo’s defense not put up any resistance. Continue reading

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