The Most Interesting Retired NFL Player Profiles on Facebook

images (1)The best way for a retired player to engage his Facebook followers is to give them access.  Fans want to know what the player has been up to, whether he’s still associated with a team in any capacity, and in some cases whether there’s any chance of comeback.

Football is the most popular sport among Americans and some ex-NFL players are  productively utilizing Facebook to put together a bigger fanbase than they might have even enjoyed during their playing days. 

Below are some retired NFL players who have the most interesting profiles on Facebook:

Chad Johnson

The former Chad Ochocinco regularly shares his status in a fairly candid way and expresses his feelings about everything from his CFL career to current events.  He also does the one thing necessary to grow followers, which is to actively engage with them.  He invites followers to participate in discussion and discourse by asking interesting questions. He shares jokes and posts amusing photos as well. At times, he entices his Spanish fans by talking to them in Spanish. This former Bengal is definitely an engaging sports celebrity who is skilled in using social media conversation to keep himself current.

Troy Polamalu

Troy has the one of the highest number of subscribers on Facebook among retired NFL players. He updates regularly, sharing inspirational quotes that one might expect from such a nice guy.  As hard as he hit as a safety for Pittsburgh, he hits equally hard for charity and perhaps that’s just one of the reasons fans still love the guy.  While his playing days may be over, “The Hair” marches on.

Tim Tebow (currently trying to revive his career with the Eagles)

Tim is very particular about his Facebook fan page and keeps his followers engaged through his faith based message (and, surprisingly, by showing the lighter side of his personality).  As one would expect of Tebow, he’s very considerate towards his fans and that’s why most of his photos saved in Facebook albums show him standing next to one or more of them.   Whether you subscribe to his philosophy or not, there isn’t much not to like about this kid whose playing days were unfortunately over before they really started.

Hines Ward

Another former Steeler?  No surprise here.  Known for his enthusiasm and energy, Hines takes the same zeal to his Facebook profile. Hines always keeps his fans engaged by asking for their opinion and comments about his photos and videos posted on Facebook. He often gives his followers a sneak peek into his life behind the scenes through photos with family, friends and other former and current players.

Patrick Willis

This former 49er probably could have played on had he chosen to, however, a toe injury is a serious thing for any player but especially a linebacker.  Patrick keeps his followers updated on what he’s up to, posting regularly with what can only be described as a “gold rush” of hashtags underneath his statements and quotes.   It looks like he’s loving life at the moment, and that’s something even 49er fans who still hold out hope for a return can probably appreciate.

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