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There are a lot of great things in baseball but nothing is more special then your first ball glove. Whether you had it passed down from a sibling or received it brand new, the memory of your first glove can last a lifetime. There is a certain bond you have with your glove and it is unique to each player. At Sports Depot we understand that passion and it is why we love selling this special piece of sports equipment.

We carry the same models from Rawlings and Wilson that you see the pros wearing as well as your less expensive mom and dad gloves (the ones they purchase from us to throw a ball around with their kids because they can't find their old ones), to travel ball and beginner models. We also have a glove buying guide detailing size and position to help you choose the right model and you can call us for additional guidance. Bottom line, the game of baseball is a beautiful sport and it all starts with the glove. 

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