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All-Star Catcher's Gear

Next time you watch a pro baseball game, take a peek at the athlete squatting behind the plate, odds are he is wearing All Star catcher's gear. The CM3000 glove series is worn by close to half the catchers in the majors, and by an even larger percentage of minor leaguers. It is made of top grade leather and breaks in beautifully, we have broken a few in for our local high school catchers who won't play with anything else.

Complementing All Star's great gloves is their catcher's gear. We offer their System 7 chest protectors, leg guards and head gear from pee wee to pro in all stock and a variety of makeup colors.  We offer a detailed fitting guide to enable you to purchase the proper fitting equipment. We also carry all the accessories that accompany this gear, such as leg straps, mask harnesses and sun visors, so once you make your initial purchase we are here to support you if any item needs to be replaced.

Over the last couple of years, catchers kits, which contains leg guards, chest protector, helmet and in many cases an equipment bag have become great sellers.  Check out our selection and see why so many who choose All Star choose Sports Depot.

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