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A twisted ankle is a regularly occurring injury in sports that depending on the severity can keep an athlete on the sidelines. We stock a variety of devices to prevent this from occurring. The first level of prevention is wrapping tape. We offer a variety of tape colors in six packs or 32 roll cases.

The next level of support would be a brace such as the McDavid 6301 which provides moderate compression and support. We recommend this type of brace for those susceptible to ankle sprains who want to be minimally encumbered while on the court or field.

The final level of support for those recovering from injury or suffering from weak ankles is a brace such as the McDavid 195 or the Battle X-Fast that provides compression and significant support and is an excellent preventive of high ankle sprains, the more serious and slower healing type of ankle injury. We sell many of these to both basketball and football partipants which enable them to make the quick cuts their sports require while maintaing confidence that their ankles will remain injury free. 

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