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Arm supports and braces come in a variety of styles. They serve three primary purposes, prevention of abrasions and cuts, providing compression and support and helping our athletes look great on their respective fields or courts. Compression sleeves typically come in two lenghts, the shivers extend from wrist to elbow and the arm sleeves extend from the wrist to the bicep. Football participants typically wear these in pairs, to prevent turf burn and provide support, while hoopsters and baseball players often wear just one to support their shooting/throwing arm. We also offer refective arm sleeves for runners who need to run early in the morning or at night before or after a busy workday. All the above mentioned arm sleeves come in a variety of colors and patterns including eye catching camo patterns from Nike and other vendors that really stand out.

We carry both the 651 and the 6500 McDavid arm supports, the former provides hex forearm protection and is typically worn on the gridiron, the latter provides hex elbow protection and is seen on the basketball court, most notably on the arm of Dwayne Wade. Evoshield and Battle are two hot vendors in this field offering sleeves with both aesthetic and protective appeal. If you're out there playing sports an arm sleeve can enhance your play, offer protection and keep you looking great!

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