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We stock Schutt Helmets in a wide variety of adult and youth models in three main categories, Vengeance, XP and DNA. Schutt has identified a variety of features contained in the different helmets they offer:

1) TPU Cushioning - absorbs more impact across a wide range of temperatures than traditional foam padding.

2) VTD TPU Cushioning - this variable thickness durometer padding is specifically designed to absorb both low and high velocity hits.

3) TPU/D30 Hybrid Cushioning - gives a helmet the advanced technology of TPU in the front and crown and the protection of D30 in the sides and back in their youth helmets.

4) Surefit Airliner  - this inflatable liner gives the helmet a pillow-like feel while enabling a precise fit.

5) Non-inflatable Helmet Liner - offers additional comfort than traditional foam for youth helmets.

6) Polycarbonate - a durable alloy utilized in the helmet shells of all varsity helmets. 

7) Abs Plastic - a durable, lighter compound utilized in the helmet shells of youth helmets. 

8) Air Max TPU Jaw Pads - combines the protection of TPU and soft fit of liners for protection and comfort.

9) Mechanically Attached TPU - holds the cushioning in place in a superior fashion than velcro.

10) Twist Release System - Eliminates upper loop straps, making it easier and quicker to attach facemask.

11) Standard Nose Bumper - protects the bridge of the nose from helmet shell.

12) Large Standoff - a larger space between the head and helmet shell to enable the use of thicker TPU cushioning.

13) Traditional Standoff - allows room for standard TPU cushioning while enabling a lighter, more streamlined fit.

14) Valve Attachment System - secure attachment system for helmets containing inflatable air liners.

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