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Rib Guards

Whether it's a quarterback facing an all out blitz, a wide receiver leaping for a slightly overthrown ball, or a kick returner breaking the wedge, the rib area is exposed to injury. We offer numerous types of equipment to prevent rib injuries and to protect a player if one is sustained. They come in three basic types, the rib combo, the rib vest and the integrated top.

Rib combos offer hard plastic protection for the ribs and, depending on the brand, can be worn as a vest with the arms slipping through straps, or attached to the shoulder pads. These are often the gear of choice for quarterbacks to protect themselves from injury and for other players after an injury has occurred. We carry these from companies like Douglas and Schutt.

Rib vests, the old standard, are primarily worn by children, the arms slip through the upper holes and velcro straps close the vest. We've been selling Adams rib vests for close to thirty years, they are a comfortable, unobtrusive alternative for your child on the field.  

In recent years, the padded body shirt has become the equipment of choice as companies like McDavid, Nike and Evoshield offer a variety of rib and shoulder protection sewn in to a compression under garment. These shirts are considerable less bulky than the combos and vests but through the use of advanced technology offer excellent protection.


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