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Youth Shoulder Pads

After the football helmet, the youth football shoulder pad is the most important piece of equipment for the youth participant. Its range of protection is broad, it protects the neck, the shoulders and upperarms, the chest and the back. We offer a wide variety of shoulder pads from Schutt, Gear-Pro-Tec and Douglas in different sizes, configurations and price points.

Our most popular shoulder pad is the Schutt youth flex, it combines lightweight but safe protection, coupled with sweat wicking lining and a great price point. For the bigger kids we offer the Schutt mid flex, it offers superior protection for the kids doing the hitting and blocking.

We offer a couple of Gear Pro-Tec models as well, with the Z-Cool a takedown of their top of the line adult shoulder pads. It offers lightweight but excellent protection and fit for the serious youth player.

Finally, the standard in shoulder pads, Douglas pads, are offered in 2 models, the JCP32 for the skill positions and the JCP36 for the bigger hitters. Modeled after their top selling adult shoulder pads, these offer great fit and protection and are great sellers as well. 

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