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Football Eye Shield Buying Guide

Under Armour Eye ShieldOakley Eye ShieldNike Eye Shield

Football eyeshields are primarily worn to prevent debris from entering the field of vision and to lessen the chance of having the facemask grabbed during play. They are available in various tints, shapes and sizes. At most levels of play, including Pop Warner, High School and NCAA, only clear eyeshields are legal as referees and coaches need to have a clear view of participants eyes to determine whether there are signs of concussion. If tint is required for eye protection purposes, tinted contact lenses or goggles can be used as these can be removed quickly. Certain men's semipro organizations allow the use of tinted eye shields and they are utilized at the pro level. Below are the two basic shapes of eye shields. 

 Oakley Eye ShieldNike Eye Shield

As indicated, there is are 3 prong and 2 prong models.  The advantage of the 3 prong model is that it gives the eyeshield a more secure fit. The 2 prong models offer more versatility as they fit all helmets and masks, for example the Schutt Ion that is  constructed with a centerpiece that prevents the middle prong from sitting properly.


Fog BusterOakley AFR Cleaner



Eye shields now come with an anti-abrasion coating that limits scratching.  In addition companies now offer cleaning and anti-fog fluids that enable clearer vision through the eye shield.

 Nike Youth Eye ShieldUnder Armour Eye Shield

Certain youth helmets, especially sizes XX-Small - Medium require youth eye shields. There are some exceptions. Schutt Vengeance youth helmets do accept all types of adult eye shields. In addition, Schutt eye shields fit both adult and youth Schutt helmets.

Under Armour Eye Shield Attachment HardwareBig Grill Face Mask

Under Armour has devised new eye shield attachment hardware that is much simpler and quicker to utilize.  In addition, it enables the attachment of eyeshields to certain shapes of masks that have limited space between the bars.