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Football Equipment

Football is the ultimate test of strength, skill, and intelligence. There is a reason the NFL Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event every year and at SportsDepot we share that passion. The game of football has changed over the years, players are faster and stronger. Quarterbacks stand 6'4" and weigh 240, 220 pound running backs run 4.5 forties, the majority of linemen weigh over 300 lbs. Now more than ever you need the right gear to perform at your best while keeping safe.

The technology in the equipment and the protection provided has progressed tremendously. Current day helmets and shoulder pads are lighter than their predecessors, but through the use of modern materials such as TPU, polycarbonate, etc. provide more protection. We stock everything you need including helmets, shoulder pads, pants, cleats, and much more. The same brands you see NFL players wearing are here, including Schutt, Douglas, Under Armour, Nike and many others.

Along with the advances in the technology of the equipment, the options you have for each piece of equipment are changing constantly. On our website you will find size charts and how-to guides to help you make your choices. If you are not sure which equipment is right for you, call us and speak to one of our highly knowledgeable customer service representatives for assistance. We have been in the football business for thirty years, we are well qualified to help you with all your adult and youth football gear /youth football equipment needs for adults and youth alike...